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Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is commonly found in industrial areas, warehouses, playgrounds, pool areas, parks, parking lots, as well as tennis courts. They can also be used around homes. A chain link fence consists of a galvanized wire woven into a mesh. The mesh produced is what makes up the wall of the fence. This mesh is then woven around a given area via steel posts, which are entrenched deep into the ground.
there are several reasons why this fence is ideal for many situations. It has relatively minimal set up costs, and almost no maintenance costs. It is one of the best fences around. It is applicable in both residential and commercial spaces. These qualities make it the first sought fencing solution in many cases. It has also found its uses in making shelters for pets and other animals. It can also be used in making temporary fencing around construction sites.

The strength of the fence is determined by the thickness of the wire used. These wires come in different sizes. The diameters of the fence also determines which class they belong to. After the wire has been interwoven, the spaces in between them is what is now called the diameter. Thicker wires usually make for larger diameters.

AS much as you shall see certain common fence heights, there are no limits as to which height you can use. The length and height of the fence determines the distance between the steel posts.

Chain link fences are usually complemented by some accessories like gates, to enable their proper functioning. Protective coating in color, like vinyl, is usually added on it. The work of the vinyl id to prevent it from rusting. Zinc and polyester coatings are other substitute coatings.

There is usually an agreement that these fences are not the prettiest around, like vinyl or wrought iron ones. This can be changed, by the addition of slats on them. These slats also add some privacy to the fenced area. They can be put up anytime after the fence is constructed.

There is no other more affordable fence around. This works out great for homeowners who are on a budget. Those who find themselves with a large area for fencing ought to consider using a chain link fence for this. It can be used temporarily or permanently. The thicker the chain link fence wire, the more expensive it shall be, as well as the tougher it is. You will spend even more on the vinyl coated ones. The difference could be two or three times that of standard chain fencing.

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