How to Achieve a #1 Ranking for Your Website and Steady Income

There have been countless articles, tips and books written by search engine optimization experts and non-experts on achieving a #1 search engine ranking for your keyword. Is it worth the effort? Getting to #1 and staying could become the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

Keyword Research

Keyword(s) are one of the most important elements of your SEO strategy. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into it, if you’re not promoting a keyword phrase that no one searches for, you’re wasting your time. On the other hand, the competition is so strong for some keywords that moving into a top ranking will be extremely difficult. The right keyword will be challenging, but achievable.

There have to be enough searches for the keyword phrase to make it worthwhile. Type in the phrase and see what pulls up. If there is no commercial interest (ads) in that phrase, a top ranking won’t be that difficult to reach, but won’t offer much of a payoff either. A good keyword will have ads and good competition.

Write Better Content Than Your Competitor

Read and analyze the content of the top listed websites. The top rankings frequently offer “3 Top Tips on …” or “How To …” and so on.

  • Provide rich, meaty details on how to accomplish each tip.
  • Offer more top tips or how to’s than competitive content.
  • Make content fun and interesting to read.
  • Include visually compelling images? Content with images generates 43% more social shares, crucial in getting those all-important backlinks.
  • Organize a long post into sections to create extra sitelinks in Google.

Promote Your Content

Here a few suggestions on letting people know about your post and receiving some valuable backlinks in return – essential for that top ranking.

  • Generate some early buzz by reaching out to anyone who might have an interest.
  • Ask coworkers and others to share your post.
  • Contact other bloggers and any brands mentioned in the post.
  • Let any experts who provided help know that the post is live and featured their idea. Many will want to share.

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