The Abercrombie Smell Has Left an Impression on Everyone

Putting it bluntly, who wants to shop in a store that stinks? Everyone has been approached by employees who spray them with every cologne the store sells. When they leave, the smell lingers to the point that it makes them sick. While this is true, there’s also the joy of walking into some places of business where the smell is a soft fragrance that actually entices them to stay and make a purchase.

The Psychology of Smell

Who knows better than a hometown Realtor the benefits of smell when it comes to selling or buying a home? Many have special essential oils they drop inside a diffuser before the next sales appointment so the fragrance permeates the home causing buyers to favorably react to the smell of home. There are also stores that feature a signature line of fragrance such as the abercrombie smell that customers are used to smelling when they enter the store. Some people like the smell, while others think it’s too strong.

The Benefits of a Good Smelling Business

Remember how a dentist’s office and a hospital used to smell? Who wanted to go back? This just goes to show how smell can have a good, or a detrimental effect, depending on how individuals have locked it in their memory. Today, there are scent marketing businesses that have machines that put out beautifully smelling scents in small areas, to extremely large areas. These scents can cause a person to linger in the store for a longer period of time, and they may become a customer. Other scents are calming, while many are uplifting and joyful.

First Impressions Last the Longest

Just about everyone remembers the aroma of their grandmother’s bread or apple pies baking in the oven. How about the smell of the neighbor’s coffee brewing at 3:30 in the morning, or the skunk that got scared and sprayed it’s scent on the dog or cat? There are good smells, and their are awful smells that cause a person to run away from them. Companies who are marketing scent machines for businesses have the right idea. Business owners can actually brand their fragrance identity in the minds of visitors.