Building a Strong Online Presence With the Assistance of Excelsior Internet Marketing

A company such as Excelsior Internet Marketing helps its clients build a stronger online presence for greater success. Their methods include search engine optimization for the client’s website, social media updates and monitoring, customized advertising strategies and regular analytics. Most business owners simply don’t have the time, the staff or the available resources to effectively manage all these activities, so hiring an agency to do the work is the best solution.

One important aspect of SEO is to update the website’s content regularly. This might involve new articles or blog posts, or new videos or photos. Search engines don’t recognize photos or video as they crawl the Web, so those must be identified with captions or titles that include keywords people might be searching for. Updating content has two main advantages. One is that search engines identify updated content as valuable, so it has the effect of moving the website up in result list rankings. Another is that people who visit the website notice that there is recently posted text, video or photography, verifying that the website is active and up to date.

When it comes to social media, the marketing company and the client need to determine which channels will work best for their intended purposes. For instance, a temporary employment agency may want to focus more on LinkedIn whereas a pub or diner may prefer posting on Facebook. Sharing content from the website is one effective strategy that draws people’s interest and entices them to click on the link back to that site. Facebook’s casual, friendly atmosphere encourages community among followers of the business, and they might like to post comments under the official posts. LinkedIn is geared to a more professional environment, and the content should be crafted according to that standard. Twitter is a very popular option as well, as long as the business owner likes the idea of frequent postings with brief thoughts and opinions, or links to pictures. Engagement with current and potential customers is the goal on all these sites. Most business owners find that avoiding political commentary is advisable in order not to alienate anybody.