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Watches and Their Types

A watch can be described as a personal gadget that is used for keeping time. A timepiece is designed to either be moved around or worn. A watch will continue operating regardless of the movements of a person. The distinct types of watches are called pocket and wrist watches.

The two different kinds of watches are carried around in different ways. The initial watch was mechanically built and derived power from winding a mainspring. Different designs of watches that are more costly also came into existence.

On top of keeping the time, watches were designed to also show days, dates, months and years. Also, there later came electronic watches that used electric power from a battery. More features were added into the electronic watch to display more items. These also gave advancement to smartwatches that have cell phone features.

The mechanism for operating the clock was that of a spring. A later developed design of the watch saw to it later that the watch could rewind itself as the wearer would make natural movements. This mechanism was first incorporated into a pocket watch. The mechanism in a self-winding watch enables it to move without it being wound. The wearer can also turn the watch manually in case he has not put it on or if it ceases to turn by his movements.

Always have the power cells of an electronic watch changed by a qualified practitioner for the longevity of the watch. A feature like the water resistance in an electronic watch could be tampered with if done without the aid of a knowledgeable person. We also have solar powered watches that consume solar energy for their operation.

All kinds of watches are broadly classified as either analog or digital. The analog watch is recognized by the show of three hands that show the hour, the minutes and in some cases the seconds. These watches can be formed into various expensive forms depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

The digital watch uses only numbers to display the time and other variables instead of using hands. Some watches are able to display the time even in the dark. There are watches that give sound to state the time when pressed.

The watch was developed to show the time although it has also been transformed to have more specifications. One should be able to take good care of a watch just like in the case of any other gadget so that it works perfectly and has long life. It is recommended to have a timepiece checked by a professional for service or repair in case it is faulty.

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